2018 to 2019: Going Forward

Welcome back!


Well, this is the first post on here in more than a year, and I wanted to simply come back and welcome everyone back to reading and going along with this journey with me.  2018 proved to be a year of change and shifts in my life as a whole.   From being married in February to purchasing a home in August, it has been a wonderful year, probably the best on yet.  With it brought changes to my daily life, as well as, changes to my goals and challenges.   While this year has been amazing, there have been difficulties adjusting to my new lifestyle, for example, this blog was put on hold while I figured out how to make these shifts myself.   Sure, I haven’t made all the goals that I set out to do, but ultimately, I believe that this is the course of life.  The reasons why we set out to achieve certain goals change, especially as our responsibilities change as well.   It has been a year of adjustment, but happy adjustments to my life.  2019 has some really big shoes to fill, for 2018 was awesome!

So what does that mean for the blog going forward?  Well, its time to bring it back to life.   I’ve learned a lot the past year, and as I strive to make the changes I’m looking to do, so I want to express that to everyone who gets to read these posts.  As I’ve developed even more as a leader in my career, as well as, a leader in my household, I realize there is so much to learn about becoming the person we all strive to be.  If there is one thing I have learned, it is that life changes all the time.  We must be prepared to shift as life shifts.  Change is constant, and choosing to accept this fact is of uttermost importance to the success we have in life.   Our lives will be different tomorrow than they are today in some facet.  The ebb and flows of our lives take different turns than we expect, but that doesn’t change the truth that we must continue to move in the right direction.   Setbacks may come, but the speed at which we return to the path will be the determination for our success.

As we look at 2019, I want to everyone to go on this journey with me as we drive into another year of changes and new challenges.  Let us celebrate the successes and help each other through the setbacks.   I hope I am able to learn more about becoming the man I’m supposed to be for my wife, my family, my friends, my career, and my own self.   I hope you’ll follow along and we may learn how to become better versions of ourselves.