Adversity: No Longer an Adversary

CS Lewis


“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I show you someone who has overcome adversity” – Lou Holtz 

As the final post in this three part series in leaving our comfort zone, I want to focus on something we will all face in our lives: Adversity.

To many people, life revolves around the same difficulties like a record spinning.  Each new day brings the same issues as the one before, which ultimately stops them dead in their tracks.  They can only focus on treating the issue they face, constantly focusing on their situation and adversities.  Today though, I want us to take those tough times and transform them into positive situations, full of energy and motivation.   I want us to no longer see adversity as an adversary, but as a catalyst for our success.

First, we need to understand that no matter what, we will face some kind of adversity.  Hardships will be part of our lives, but the main difference between success and failure is our response.  Far too often, we allow the hardship to take control of the situation and drive our stress levels far too high.  We must remember that most of the time, these situations work themselves out. They are only short term issues that we face and will not stay forever. Our best response is to pause our action, reassess our situation, and then respond with a strategy in mind.

Secondly, we have to view adversity as an opportunity to grow.  For most of the population, adversity is a hindrance, a deterrent to continue in the same direction.    For the highly successful, adversity is the chance for them to see just how good they really are.  These people do not fear adversity, but rather they openly welcome it.  The great part of this behavior is that it is transferable to everyone.   It doesn’t take super human courage or bravery to achieve this mindset.  It only takes you deciding to walk towards the struggle confidently, rather than walk away.   Failures and setbacks may come, but what is hard today, will come easier tomorrow.  

Lastly, we must continue to seek out to better develop ourselves.   One of the greatest aspects of adversity is that it pushes us to greater heights.  In our goals for personal success, we have to become a greater version of what we once were.  We must learn from our setbacks and failures.  We must seek out new challenges.  We must continually reflect on where we are and where we are going.   Adversity opens our eyes to where we need to focus efforts to become better.   Without adversity, we would never learn our strengths and weaknesses. We must view adversity as a benefit for our lives and strive to use adversity as a catalyst for our success.

Therefore, do not seek out an easy life free of adversity, but rather find the richness of life in overcoming adversity and growing into the person you were designed to be. 



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